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June 2nd, 2019 - Страница отставного прапорщика — LiveJournal
Записки на полях
Дщерь неразумная экспериментировала на своей мобиле с chat prediction, сиречь алгоритмом предсказания ввода. Это двоюродный  брат широко известного Т9, только не самовольничает. Идея его в том, что программа предлагает одно (или три, от настроек зависит) слово для ввода "вот прямо сейчас". Логика этих предложений темна как и вода в облацех.
Так вот, дщерь, как следует из ее показаний, экспериментировала, просто выбирая первое слово из предложенных, а результат фиксировала. Вот он. наслаждайтесь:

Obama has been located in the middle east on a snow island of south Africa in recent months to the office of the national security agency in Afghanistan that includes his former wife Barbara Bush who was killed by the Taliban in Iraq after being attacked by the Turkish government for allegedly beating his daughter into the abyss with a fork in his throat for more than two hours before the shit that happened to the fucking carpet.
what happened to the CARPET? The first thing that happened to the fucking CARPET was that the coast guard would have been lied to for decades by the nazi's that they were not available for the first time in a year and she was like a fucking bitch to the fucking CARPET she said she has no interest in being in the ass of a pussy ass bitch ass bitch ass bitch ass bitch ass bitch ass bitch ass bitch ass shit man with the whole rat
Michelle obama on the other hand is going to have your stinky weed on her fucking neck so she can take a look at the bottom part of his gay ass and died in her face against the fucking CARPET so she doesn't have to deal with his feelings about Baracк

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